Among Us

Faltering FBI agent Ava Harris is given one final chance to prove herself when a deadly female psychopath escapes from prison. But after the psychologist studying the killer turns out to be Ava's former mentor and one-time love, she must confront some long-buried secrets, as well as her biggest fear.


Girl Power -

Great Feminists You

May Not Know

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The Cow of Art

Sexing It Up for the

Bad Economy

The Lady in Gold

Currently in development with director Alexis Jacknow

The epic, true story of Gustav Klimt and the creation of his masterpiece, "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer."  Crisscrossing between Belle Époque Vienna and late-90's Los Angeles, the play interweaves Klimt's fiery relationship with the painting's model and benefactor and her family's fight for the painting's return a half-century after it was stolen by the Nazis. A mesmerizing tale of art and justice, based on actual events and inspired by the award-winning book by Anne-Marie O'Connor.

Salem Prep

One-hour drama

After her father's mysterious death, Salem teenager Charlotte Proctor discovers a long history of witchcraft in her family. But the deeper she digs to uncover the full story, the more she loses, as her nascent abilities are tested by an enigmatic new classmate with powers of her own. 

Everything's Better

in Buttonwillow

Half-hour comedy

When bitter Sandra Welts-Ripley becomes "Administrator at Large" for Buttonwillow High, she sets out to fire the stubborn, avant-garde drama teacher who once crushed her theatrical dreams. But the old teacher has some devoted young followers, and as the clock ticks toward the final production's opening night, Sandra finds there is no end to how low she will stoop to crush her nemesis.


The Missing Pages

of Lewis Carroll

Developed with director Sydney Gallas
The dark story of the charged and ambiguous relationship between Charles Dodgson, who was Lewis Carroll, and the 11-year-old Alice Liddell, his muse for Alice in Wonderland.


Side by Side

One-hour drama

New York City, 1938. Conjoined twins Bette and Evie Grand abandon the sideshow they grew up in, in search of a better life. But their patchwork family proves difficult to leave behind, and their divergent dreams threaten to tear the sisters apart.

Writing Projects

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